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In times of challenge and threat for the wellbeing, life and development of individuals, humanity, and earth, practicing the ‘Life Meditation’, can be a means of strengthening ourselves as individuals and communities against the detrimental effects of permanent extreme emotions, such as fear, hatred and doubt and helps us to develop and maintain creative and dynamic relationships with ourselves, others, and nature. More than ever, we need a daily effective meditative practice, to develop the qualities of Freedom and Love and to develop an enlightened thinking (wisdom), a soul warming feeling (love) and an enlivening, rejuvenating and creative will (power).

Practicing the meditation introduced below may

  • help manifest your life goals 
  • help manifest wisdom, love, power, and freedom within ourselves and in our relationship to others and to nature
  • improve physical and emotional health through strengthening life rhythms
  • purify, strengthen, harmonise, and balance our thinking, feeling and willing for improved mental health
  • transform negative emotions, such as fear anxiety, anger, sadness etc. into higher feelings, such as courage, compassion, love, gratitude.
  • Improve cognitive skills, such as concentration, focus and memory
  • enhance creativity and productivity
  • rejuvenate and improve recovery after strain
  • improve capacity to identify your life goals and implements them through wise, loving, and strong actions
  • assist in developing inner skills towards creating new spiritual communities based on selfless love

By practicing this meditation, our raw emotions, such as anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, and sadness, which when experienced permanently, undermine our physical emotional and mental health, can be permanently transformed into rejuvenating and profoundly health promoting feelings, such as courage, gratitude, appreciation, compassion, love, and enthusiasm. During this process, our thinking becomes more insightful, and our will stronger and more capable to manifest our ideas (creativity). Focusing our thinking, feeling and will power once or twice daily for 15 minutes, on inspired sentences (mantras) that relate to our human developmental potential, can help us to gradually transform and overcome even longstanding personal problems. We learn to overcome destructiveness in our will, coldness in our feeling, and darkness in our thinking.

The below outline meditative path of creating an abundant life doesn't only support our own personal and developmental needs, but also supports the developmental needs of our close (e.g. family, friends, working colleagues, neighbours) and wider communities (e.g. church, organisations, country), of humanity and of our planet. It assists in growing responsibility and influence beyond our own personal life towards wholeheratedly including humanity and earth. 

Connecting with the source of "Abundant Life":

  • On a universal level, "Abundant Life" is the source of all creation in humanity, nature, and cosmos.
  • Living an abundant life means living with an abounding fullness of joy, love and strength for spirit, soul, and body.
  • "Abundant Life" signifies a contrast to feelings of lack, emptiness, and dissatisfaction, and such feelings may motivate a person to seek for the meaning of life and to transform their life through truth, beauty, and goodness and through wisdom, love, and power.
  • On a personal level, “Abundant Life” is the source of abundant charitable wealth; of abundant physical, emotional, mental, and social health. It’s the source of blissful joy, and spiritual fulfilment.
  • On a social level, being inspired and guided by "Abundant Life" leads to the creation of new relationships and communities that are founded on truthful and charitable love.
  • Develop a sense of peacefulness and devotion towards the "Abundant Life".
  • In our own inner world abundant life manifests as truth, beauty and goodness.
  • In our outer world, abundant life manifests as wisdom, love and power. 
  • True wisdom. beautiful love and benevolent power are the expressions of abundant life.

The Life Meditation consists of the following elements:

  • Preparation
  • Coherence Breathing
  • Sigil visualisation
  • Mantric affirmation
  • Silent awareness


In your preparation, at the start of your meditation, approach 'Abundant Life', the inner and outer source of creation, with appreciation and love. 

Purposefully, in your mind, invite those people into you meditation that you care for. You may also include nature, humanity and the whole earth, if you wish too.

Ask 'Abundant Life' to extend the benefit of your breathing meditation onto everyone and everything, you wish to included into your meditation. 

Coherence Breathing:

The coherence breathing (Resonant Frequency Training) is health promoting, as it strengthens the body rhythms which are essential to keep our physiology in balance and maintain our health and youthfulness, right into old age. Rhythmic breathing influences and regulates all other body rhythms, such as the sleeping and waking rhythm the feasting and fasting rhythm, the activity and rest cycles. The conscious regulation of our breathing rhythm can influence all body rhythms positively and contributes towards health creation and maintenance. 

By involving the whole lung, from the diaphragm upwards to the middle part of and the top of the lungs (whole chest breathing), and making inhalation and exhalation equally long, we balance and harmonise the functions of our autonomic nervous system (sympathetic – fight or flight and parasympathetic – freeze and faint). This improved balance of the autonomic nervous system reflects on a physiological level in increased heart rate variability, which is also a measure for increased health potential, flexibility, and youthfulness of our body. 

On a psychological level this balance shows in improved emotion regulation; in the capacity to transform negative emotions, such as anxiety, fear, anger, shame, sadness etc. into higher feelings such as love, appreciation, gratitude, enthusiasm, courage, and compassion, and in a heightened flexibility of our thinking and improved adaptability of our actions. 

Sigil visualisation:

Imagine a golden glowing Tau cross with loop (ankh) surrounded by a circle inside your heart (see picture in the Gallery section)

The loop symbolises Wisdom; the horizontal bar symbolises Love; the vertical bar symbolises Power.

The intersection of all three symbolises the source, our higher Self, the Abundant Life within us. 

The ankh symbolises the magic power of the will (hammer), united with cosmic wisdom (loop) by love. 

The Ankh stands for the trinity of creation and is a Key for the Mastery of Life.

Mantric affirmations:

As you inhale, connect with your inner world, focus simultaneously on the mantra: "We create our Abundant Life" 

As you exhale, connect with the world around you, focus on the other mantra: "Abundant Life creates in Us"

As you practice coherence breathing, keep inhalation and exhalation equally long, whilst gradually slowing down the breathing process gradually (no slower than 5 breathing cycles per minute, which equates six seconds of inhalation and six seconds of exhalation). The time between inhalation and exhalation and between exhalation and inhalation is shortened and hardly perceivable. This gives a sense of a circular breathing, where inhalation and exhalation and exhalation and inhalation gently flow into each other. Slowing down and deepening of breathing should take place very gently, and gradually, as any forced change of breathing rhythm or depth of breathing may cause the physiological correlate of little shocks and can therefore have a negative impact. Over days and weeks of practice slowing down and deepening of breathing will come naturally and will not feel forced at all.

The regulated breathing process and the rhythmic change between the contracting and expanding sphere of the sun adds to the power of breathing. This dynamic visualisation should be maintained throughout the exercise.

Silently speaking the mantras (inspired sentences) with every inhalation and exhalation, supported by slow and deep, rhythmic whole chest breathing, allows to connect with (truth and wisdom; beauty and love; goodness and power on a deeper level. 

As we silently repeat these mantras, we should experience them not only as a thought content, but penetrate them with our love and enthusiasm, and with strong intentionality. 

Silent awareness

Once you bring the exercise to an end, eliminate all your thoughts, images, feelings, and intentions from your consciousness, and try to maintain your consciousness empty, for a few moments that can over time can be extended to a few minutes. If you get distracted by thought or images, refocus on your breathing, and then try to rest in your regained “empty” consciousness. 


Outside your meditation, contemplate how loving and living your Abundant Life transforms you; your and other's destiny, your relationships with others and your relationship to nature. 

During your contemplation, penetrate your thoughts with feelings of enthusiasm, courage, love, and devotion and with strong will and intentions. 

"We" and "Us": The mantras use the term “we” and “us”, rather than “I” and “me”. As important as it is to meditate to connect to and strengthen our relationship with our higher self, there is also much virtue in focusing in our meditation on our loved ones, our community or even the world community as a whole (humanity).

An Inatiatory Story:

The Temple Legend. Solomon and Hiram.by Christian Rosenkreuz depicts human spiritual initiation ad development. it's multilayered meaning slowly reveals itself through daily listening and contemplating. A story of this kind, authored by a master of spiritual development, does not only talk to the intellect but also to our feeling life and our deeper will nature, and have a similarly educational and transformational effect for adults, as inspired fairy tales have for young children. 

It can lead to an alignment and balancing of cognition, emotion and will and help develop wisdom, love and power, enabling us to deal with day to day challenges more appropriately and effectively and also to contribute positively towards the development of humanity. 

It also helps to understand the deeper meaning of the symbol used in the 'Mastery of Life' Meditation (Hammer of Hiram, Tau cross) and to connect with it on a deeper level. 

Listening to this recording, once a day for 40 days, may help you to improve and maintain emotional and physical health, prevent and treat burnout, improve sleep and enhance creativity and performance, even under pressure.The programme can help you to initiate profound, positive changes. It may help you tackle many life problems by supporting the development of physical and emotional health, high performance, and the alignment of the conscious and unconscious mind with your body physiology. You may experience growing resilience, which will allow you to perform and stay well in crisis and under pressure. You can feel the benefit of this recording within days, and it may enhance all spheres of your life: personal, social and professional.

You'll fin the Temple Legend in the 'Meditation Section' and as a recording on this website,

Please find the step-by-step instructions, trouble shooting and how to deal with acute stress, and two complementary exercises to improve and deepen human relationships and relationship with nature, in the next sections of this website, called: 'Meditation'. 

Practicing mindful, non-judgemental and loving observation and heart centred understanding of humans and nature assisted by the two complementary exercises,  balances inner and outer meditative activity. This leads to effective stress reduction and resilience building, improved relationships under duress, and deeper connection and insights.

You will also find 'The Temple Legend. Hiram and Solomo.' as an audio recording.  Listening to this tale every night before falling asleep and picturing the content of the story, may have a similarly beneficial effect as the "Mastery of Life Meditation', and also complements it. It may also be a good preparation for all those, who struggle implementing the 'Mastery of Life Meditation'. 

You will find explanation, instructions, text and audio files below. 

For more information, please read the article: 'Abundant Life. Co-create your destiny.' on Merlian News.


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Meditations to connect with our inner and outer source of abundance

The Temple Legend

The Temple Legend - Solomon & Hiram  Edited and narrated by Alexander Barry 


 I am a post-graduate student, navigating my way through Graduate Entry Medicine applications. I go through a lot of stress and anxiety because of pressure from school and life in general. I can’t thank Dr Gruenewald enough for sharing this amazing meditation technique! Ever since taking on board his advice and making meditation part of my daily routine, I feel more relaxed and am better able to deal with the pressures of school! Integrating this technique has become an integral part of my day to day."

Ghislaine D. - Student

 ‘Abundant Life Meditation’ by Dr. Peter Grunewald is the most comprehensive study into actualisation and meditative practice so far. It encompasses all elements necessary for to inform a deep and life transforming meditation. It is refreshing to see an approach which not only encourages the development of oneself, but also beyond the ego, as collective conscience, including family, friends, community, nature and the planet. I highly recommend."

Rogerio da Sylva, Hairstylist

 ‘Abundant life meditation’ is a structured and imaginative presentation of guided meditation to absolve issues of stress and anxiety. The practise pairs jungian dichotomies and rich allegory with dynamic activities and mantra to ease and engage our lives. I have personally found the meditations to be beneficial to both my personal and professional life, in terms of managing and maintaining stress and anxiety, and engaging in healthy contemplation."

Matthew Percy, Manager

 The meditations given by Dr Gruenewald have helped me to overcome fear, deal with negative emotions, find gratitude and compassion for myself as well as others in difficult situations. I am able to concentrate and focus better, I feel more resilient in dealing with acute stressful situations. I am sleeping better and waking up refreshed. I highly recommend these meditations as part of daily practice for mental and emotional well-being."

Dr. F.H. General Practitioner


Dr Peter Gruenewald, MD

is an internationally recognized expert in the field of adaptive resilience, stress, and performance.
Peter is an associate fellow at SAID Business School, Oxford University, and runs workshops in adaptive resilience for professionals, senior leaders, and managers in the private and public sectors.
Peter is the author of the books The Quiet Heart: Putting Stress into Its Place. Floris Books.2007.; and Manifesting your Best Future Self. Building Adaptive Resilience. 2020.
He is a founder and managing director of London Integrated Health Ltd. and Adaptive Resilience Ltd.
He is also a cofounder and Chief Medical Officer of RCube Health, a digital health start-up company that has developed a mobile app for stress management and resilience (RCube).
Peter works as an Honorary Clinical Specialist in Sleep Medicine and General Medicine for the University College London Hospital (Royal Hospital for Integrated Medicine) and in private practice (London).
Over many years he has practiced meditation and has follow the spiritual and highly practical methodology of 'Anthroposophy' and the 'Philosophy of Freedom"  as founded by Rudolf Steiner.
Peter is a member of the Anthroposophic Society, the Anthroposophic Medical Association and the Christian Community.


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Peter Gruenewald, Manifesting your Best Future Self. 2020.
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Peter Gruenewald, The Quiet Heart, Putting Stress in its Place. 2007.
Amazon  US   UK  CA

Peter Gruenewald. Gold and the Philosopher's Stone. 2003.
Amazon   US   UK  CA


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