Abundant Life Meditation (1)

A step by step guide towards 

practicing this breathing technique

The steps:

  1. Preparation
  2. Coherence Breathing
  3. Dynamic visualisation
  4. Mantric affirmation
  5. Silent awareness

1. Preparation

  • Approach 'Abundant Life', the source of creation, within yourself and within the world surrounding you, with appreciation and love.
  • Purposefully, in your mind, invite those people into you meditation that you care for. 
  • You may also include nature, humanity and the whole earth if you wish too.
  • Ask 'Abundant Life' to extend the benefit of your breathing meditation onto everybody, you wish to be included into your meditation.

2. Coherence Breathing 

  • Sit comfortably and upright.
  • Preferably close your eyes during this exercise.
  • Breathe deeply (abdominal breathing) and slowly through your nose in and out.
  • Breathe equally long in and out.
  • Gradually, over several days to weeks, slow down the pace of your breathing to approximately 6 seconds for your inhalation and 6 seconds for the exhalation (10 breathing cycles per minute).
  • Do not force the slowing down of your breathing, but rather develop the slow pace of breathing gradually and slowly, as your breathing should always feel comfortable and never forced.
  • Do not leave any gap between inhalation and exhalation and/or between exhalation and inhalation.
  • Initially fill your lungs only up to 75% with air, to avoid hyperventilation. After a few days to weeks of practice, you can try to fill your lungs completely, as the pace of your breathing will by then have slowed down sufficiently to avoid hyperventilation.
  • The slowing down of pace and depth of breathing is a natural result of an increasing level of relaxation and focus during this exercise.

Should you feel uncomfortable or dizzy, then stop and take a break, and start again, this time breathing either less deeply or slightly slower.

Coherence Breathing can be helpful 

  • before, during, and after challenging situations.
  • when you feel anxious, angry, stressed, or down.
  • upon waking to help set the tone for the day.
  • before going to sleep (to help wind down and let go).
  • before an important performance (to reduce performance anxiety

3. Dynamic  Visualisation 

  • Imagine your whole body being surrounded by a sphere filled with the light, warmth, and life of the sun. Imagine this  sun sphere extending up to 1.5 meters from your heart into all directions, left/right, back/front, below/above.
  • And imagine your heart filled with the light, warmth and life of the sun.
  • As you inhale, imagine light, warmth and life of the sun flowing from your heart through your skin and whole body, into your body periphery (following the direction of the expansion of your chest during inhalation). 
  • As you exhale, imagine  light, warmth and life of the sun flowing from your body periphery through your body and skin, into your heart (following the direction of the contraction of your chest during exhalation). 
  • Whilst oscillating your focus of attention between heart and body periphery, maintain awareness of both, heart and body periphery, at all time. 
  • In summary:
    • Inhalation: Sun light, warmth, and life flow from your heart to your body periphery
    • Exhalation: Sun light, warmth, and life flow from your body periphery into your heart 
    • Maintain awareness of both, heart and body periphery, at all times.

4. Mantric affirmation 

As you silently speak these words with each breath, develop a sense of togetherness with your loved ones, and appreciatively or lovingly embrace those words, and intend to manifest abundance, as you understand it, in your and others personal, social, and professional life.

As you inhale, silently speak the words: "Abundant Life creates in Us"

As you exhale, silently speak the words: "We create our Abundant Life"

5. Silent Awareness

End this meditation by trying to eliminate all your thoughts, images, feelings, and intentions from your consciousness. Try to maintain an empty consciousness for a few moments, that may over time extend to a few minutes. If you get distracted by thought or images, refocus on your breathing, and the again empty your consciousness. This will allow you to be touched and inspired by the entity that is symbolised in the words 'Abundant Life'.

Duration and Frequency of daily meditative practice: 

Practice this breathing meditation for approximately 5 – 15 minutes preferably after waking or/and at bedtime, but no more than a total of 30 minutes a day.


Outside your meditation contemplate about how loving and living your abundant life connects you with your true Self; develops your personality; creates your new destiny;  and transform your human relationship and your relationship to humanity and nature.

During your contemplation, penetrate your thoughts with feelings of enthusiasm, courage, love, and devotion and with the strong will and confidence to contribute towards the positive development of your loved ones, colleagues, humanity, cosmos, and earth.

This contemplation allows you to develop feelings of true appreciation and gratitude for what "Abundant Life" means for your life, your loved ones, humanity, earth, and cosmos..  

Here are some important questions you should ask yourself:

  • What does physical, emotional, spiritual, and social abundance mean for me?
  • What does abundant life, abundant health, abundant wealth, abundant business and career success, abundant happiness, abundance in my relationships, spiritual abundance (purpose of life), abundance in my self- development mean for me, for my loved ones, colleagues, community humanity, earth, and universe, concretely?
  • What kind of personality traits would I like to transform?
  • Which vices do I want to overcome?
  • Which virtues do I want to create within myself?
  • Which behaviours do I want to change, permanently and with ease?
  • What kind of new skills do I commit to acquire?
  • How can I effectively serve the needs of my family, friends, colleagues, organisation, community, country, continent, world community, nature, earth and cosmos?
  • What are the concrete actions i commit to, to implement an abundant life for myself, others, humanity and our planet.

Visualise implementing your actions and also visualise living your abundant life. What does it look like? How does it feel?

Contemplate about these questions, one at a time, work the answers out in a quiet conversation with yourself. 

As you contemplate about "Abundant Life", within you and within the world surrounding you, you will, over time, penetrate your life goals and virtues with strong feelings and intentions and move towards manifesting them in your day-to-day life and in your spiritual development.

Before starting your next meditation sessions, remind yourself of these goals and virtues you want to achieve, and connect them firmly with your mantras that affirm your connection with your "Abundant Life".

The mantra during inhalation connects you with the global source, the mantra during exhalation connects you with the life that you are creating. 

Always end the meditation with a deep sense of gratitude to the source of your abundance, true wisdom, beautiful love and benevolent power and the people and circumstances that have made your abundant life possible. 

You may end saying quietly and deeply feeling and wanting the meaning of these words: "Thank you, 'Abundant Life', source of all abundance in my life, for helping me to co-create the fulfilment and manifestation of my deepest virtues and goals. May my virtues, goals and achievements always be in harmony with your intentions and for the good of everyone."

Once you have practice this meditation, you may progress to the "Mastery of Life meditation' in the next section, if you wish to do so. 

For further inspiration and to support this meditation listen to the "Allegory: Parabola, The Royal Wedding." (audio file in the next section)


This meditation and its instructions are not a substitute for advice, treatment, or counselling from a registered health professional or therapist. A health professional or therapist should be consulted in the case of suspected physical or mental illness. Meditation and instructions are not a substitute for any intervention advised by your healthcare professional or therapist. If in doubt, always consult your healthcare professional or therapist.