Meditative Stories - Parabola Allegory (7)


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Royal Wedding – A Life-Transforming Tale

The famous psychiatrist C. G. Jung believed that mental and vital energy are created through the conflict of opposites. In Jung's view, the alchemical attempt to transmute base metals into gold and silver (with the help of the philosopher's stone) was actually a psychological process. The symbols used by the alchemists were representative of what he termed the process of individuation: personal growth and full integration and mastership of conflicting functions within our conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. 

One must bring the opposites into balance and complete union in order to gain emotional and physical health, and to succeed in the integration of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind after which the one’s true Self emerges. 

In alchemy, this union is known as the 'conjunctio', the 'Royal Wedding'. It represents the union of opposites, and, more specifically, the union of Queen and King, 'anima' and 'animus', our inner male and female aspects. It is the unifying of our higher Self, our human spirit (King) with the purified human soul (Queen), but also the unifying of the spirit of nature (King) with the human consciousness (Queen). 

As a result one’s inner and outer life becomes integrated and balanced and one enters into a state of great peace, tranquility, wisdom, love, empowerment, youthfulness and health. 

Jung claims that this is the pure gold (King) and silver (Queen) the alchemists wanted to create with the help of the Philosopher’s Stone (black water). 

In order to succeed in this process, the inner animal nature, our unregulated emotions, such as anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, despair, and our animals desires, both represented by the lion, have to be transformed into higher feelings, such as love, compassion, enthusiasm and motives for our actions, that allow doing the good not only for ourselves, but also for others.

In this process, the lower, unredeemed part of our human nature has to go through destruction (illness, crisis) and metaphysical death and to resurrection (rebirth) as higher Self (King) and purified soul (Queen), as we develop new faculties that can serve ourselves, our loved ones, our society and humanity. This process is experienced as purification and empowerment.


Listen to this tale with head phones, whilst relaxing, preferably when retiring to bed. Listen to it once daly, for 40 days, and try to re-create the images within your mind. Do not worry of you all asleep, whilst listening. The imagery of his tale with be still absorbed by your higher self and subconscious mind, and will take effect.

Parabola Allegory: Royal Wedding 

by Henricus Madathanus 1660

Once upon a time I was walking in a beautiful, green and young wood and there I began to think deeply about the hardships of this life and about how much suffering there is in the world and I felt such deep sorrow. I left the common path, and I came, I know not how, upon a narrow footpath, very rough, untrodden, and hard to walk upon and which was overgrown with many bushes and shrubs, and it was easy for me to see that this trail had been little used. I became frightened and I wanted to turn around and go back, but it was not within my power, especially since a strong wind blew mightily behind me, so that I had to take 10 steps ahead for everyone that I could take backwards. So I had to continue on this trail in spite of its roughness. 

Now after I had walked for some length of time, I came to a lovely meadow, surrounded by a beautiful circle of fruit trees. In this meadow I met with a group of old men all of whom had snow-white beards except for one young man with a pointed black beard and another even younger man whom I recognised even though I could not see his face. They were having a huge debate about all kinds of things especially about a very important secret which they said the great Creator had hidden deeply within the heart of nature and which could only be revealed to those with deeply loving hearts who were searching for the truth. I listened to them for a long time, and I enjoyed hearing their conversations and debates about a wide range of subjects ranging from the arts, the sciences, and including mathematics, although I must admit I found some more interesting than others. And then I realised that they were inspired by the great Greek and Roman philosophers. And I could no longer contain myself and I expressed my own thoughts about these subjects, and indeed also about what I had learnt through my life’s experience, and many listened to me and questioned me intensely. They seemed amazed at how good my foundation in philosophy was and at the breadth of my life’s experience and they all agreed to take me into their school, and I felt very happy. 

But they said that I could not become a real colleague of theirs until I first became acquainted with their Lion and to understand what he could do to me internally as well as externally. They told me to do my best to try taming him and as I longed to be part of their company I promised, with confidence, to do so.

They led me to the lion and described him to me very carefully. But nobody was allowed to tell me what I was actually to do with this wild beast. Some tried to help me, but I felt so confused by their suggestions and I could not understand what they were saying, that at last I decided to tie up the lion and made sure that his sharp claws and pointed teeth could not harm me and after doing so, when they spoke to me again, I finally understood what they were saying. The lion was very old, ferocious and big and his yellow mane hung over his neck, and he seemed unconquerable, and I felt so terrified that I would gladly have turned back but for the fact that I had agreed to do this and the old men were standing all around me and were watching my every move. With confidence I went up to the lion in his den and I began to humour him, but he glared at me so intensely and so unceasingly that I soon began to feel frightened to death. At the same time, I remembered having heard from an old man on our way to the lion’s den that although very many people had undertaken 2 to conquer the lion, very few had really done so. I did not want to fail and I remembered many grips I had learned through great diligence in my athletics training and I was also so well acquainted with the art of sorcery that I began to feel more confident and I stopped trying to humour him. And so I decided to attack the lion so skilfully and with such great cunning, that I was able to squeeze the blood from his body and indeed even out of his heart before he realised it. And I noticed that his blood was beautifully red and that it was full of bile. When I looked further into his anatomy, I found many things about which I wondered at greatly, especially his bones, which were as white as snow, and I noticed that there were a lot more bones than blood. 

When my dear old men, who were standing around the den and watching me, became aware of what I had done they began to argue intensely with each other. At first, I could not hear exactly what they were saying, as I was so deeply inside the lion’s den, but eventually when they began to shout at one another, I heard one say: He must bring the lion back to life or he cannot be part of our school. 

I did not want to cause any more trouble, so I left them and went across a great square and came, I know now how, to a huge wall, over four foot high, and yet only six inches wide. From where I was standing beside the wall until the end of it there ran an iron rail well secured with many supports. So I began to walk to the top of the wall and I thought I noticed someone else walking ahead of me on the right side of the rail. After following this person for some time I noticed someone also following me on the other side of the rail, and I was not sure whether it was a man or a woman who called me and said it would be better for me to walk on their side than were I was going, and I agreed to do so straight away, for the handrail which stood in the middle made the path on my side very narrow and it was hard to walk at such a height. And then I saw some people behind me who wanted to go the same way. So I swung myself under the rail, grasping it tightly with both hands, and I continued on the other side until I came finally to a place on the wall where it was dangerous to descend. Then I wished that I had stayed on the other side, for I could not pass under the rail again, and it was also impossible for me to turn back and take the other way again. Therefore, I took a chance, trusted my good feet, held on tightly and came down without any harm. When I had walked on for some time, I soon forgot about the danger, and I also did not know what became of the wall or the handrail. And when I did come down, there stood in front of me a beautiful rose bush, on which grew the most exquisite white and red roses, and I noticed that there were more red ones than white ones, and I broke some of them off and put them upon my hat. 

Then I became aware of a wall enclosing a great garden. And in the garden, there were many young men, and I knew that there must also be many young women who would like to join them there but who would not have been able to walk around the wall and to find the door. I felt sorry for them so I went back the way I had come to look for them and I walked on so quickly that I soon reached several houses one of which I hoped would belong to the gardener. I met many people there, each one had a special place where they worked, and I noticed particularly two of them who were working very carefully and slowly together. Although each person had his own particular field of work, I felt that I had somehow done all these kinds of things before and that I indeed knew more than all of them, and I felt a kind of freedom deep inside. And so I did not want to remain there any longer because I found their work so meaningless, and I was determined to go further. 

As I approached the garden door, some people looked at me with such bitterness that I was afraid that they would prevent me from going any further. But there were others who said “See how he wants to go into the garden and yet we who have worked here for so long dare not enter it. Let us only mock him if he fails.” But I did not pay any attention to them because I knew that I knew more about the garden than they did and although I had never been into it I went right up to a door which was locked tightly and which did not appear to have a keyhole on the outside of it, and I 3 noticed a small round hole in the door, hidden from the naked eye and I knew that this was the way to get inside, and so I took out my master key, prepared myself, unlocked the door and entered. Once I was inside, I found more locked doors, and I opened all of them without any trouble. I found myself in a passageway, covered by a ceiling and it seemed that I was inside a well-constructed house, about six feet wide and twenty feet long. And although all the other doors were still locked as soon as I opened the first door I could see clearly into the garden. 

With courage I walked further on and into the garden and I soon discovered in the middle of it a much smaller garden, which was square in shape (and only measured 180 square yards on each side). It was covered with wild rose bushes, which were blossoming beautifully. And as it had rained a little and the sun was shining there was a beautiful rainbow. 

When I left the little garden, I arrived at the place where I knew I could help the young women, and I noticed that instead of the walls there stood a low fence made of wooden twigs, and there I saw a most beautiful young woman, dressed in white satin and accompanied by an equally handsome young man who was leading her by the arm and walking past the rose garden, carrying many fragrant roses in their hands. I spoke to them, and I asked them: how did you get over the fence? And she said: my dearest bridegroom helped me over it, and we are now going out of this lovely garden and into our bedroom to consummate our marriage. I told them that I was pleased that they could be happy together without my helping them any longer. But I also needed them to know that I had come a long way and I had worked very hard indeed to be of service to them. 

After this meeting I came to a great mill, built of stones. I could not see any flour bins or any other of the necessary materials used for milling. And I observed that not one of the water wheels was turning. I asked the old miller why and he told me, that all the milling machinery was locked up on the other side of the building, and as I saw the miller’s servant going in that direction, I followed him. And I found myself in a passageway where the water wheels were now above my head and the water appeared to be as back as coal, and the drops of water moving around the wheels were as white as snow, and the passageway where I stood was no wider than three of my fingers put together. Nevertheless, I took a risk, I held onto the wheel above my head, and I crossed the water without getting wet. Then I asked the miller how many water wheels he had. Ten, he answered. I knew I would never forget this adventure and I longed to discover what it all meant.

When I realised that the miller did not want to speak to me anymore, I left and I found myself in front of the mill where there was a high hill covered with paving stones, and on top of the hill I recognised some of the old men with white beards walking in the warm sunshine. They held a letter in their hands, which was written by the whole school, and the contents of which they were discussing. I knew that this letter was probably about me and so I went up to them and asked them directly: Sirs, is this letter about me? Yes, they said, and they told me that I had to keep faithful to my wife and to my marriage, which had just taken place, or they would report it to the authorities. And I answered: that would be very easy for me to do as it was almost as if we were twin souls born at the same moment, and as if we had shared the same childhood and because we had shared so much intimacy, I would always feel bound to my wife until the day I died for I loved her with all my heart. They replied: then we have nothing to worry about as the bride feels the same as you and so you will always be joined together. And I told them how happy I felt about these things. Then one of them said that if this happened, the lion would come back to life, and he would be more mighty and powerful than before. And when I thought about how hard I had worked already, for some strange reason I felt that this task that I was being asked to undertake, did not belong to me. 

And so as I watched the bridegroom and his bride, dressed so beautifully, walking away from me, all ready and 4 prepared to be married I felt relieved. And in the moment when the bridegroom dressed in his bright scarlet red clothes walked towards the old men with his beloved bride, whose white satin dress shone in the sunlight, and they were joined together, it was as if the bride seemed completely ageless and as if she carried the secret of eternal youth. But it seemed that this man and this woman had done something terribly wrong. It was as though they had become so close that they were now locked in a relationship that was harming to both of them and so instead of sharing a bridal bed and a true marriage, they were now condemned for their rest of their lives to endure a painful existence in which they would have to face themselves. 

But because they had such noble hearts and in order to stop them from hiding anything anymore, they were placed in a prison, which was almost transparent, made of crystal, and shaped in the form of a great dome, which seemed to be open to the skies. 

Before they entered this room, they took off all their clothes and jewellery, and so they lived there naked, alone and utterly vulnerable without any possessions. All the food and drink, which they needed came from the water mill and was made available for them. The door of this chamber was well locked, and it had the seal of our school placed upon it and no one was allowed to enter. I was told to guard the door and as winter was approaching, I must heat their room so they should neither freeze nor burn and I must never allow them to escape. I was given my orders and if anything went wrong, I was told I would be severely punished. 

I felt very uneasy, and I was so worried and frightened that I began to lose my courage. But I knew that there was nothing I could do. I was being tested and I was determined not to fail. The room in which they were locked was located in the middle of a strong tower surrounded by high walls and fortifications which one could heat with a moderate but constant fire. 

And so began my work to try to protect the imprisoned married couple from the cold. But what happened was that as soon as they felt the slightest warmth, they embraced each other in the most loving way possible. And they clung to each other with such ardent passion that the bridegroom’s entire body melted and seemed to fall apart in the arms of his beloved wife. And when the bride who loved him as deeply as he loved her saw what had happened, she wept so deeply that her tears covered his whole body and completely buried him. She only cried for a short time and then her heart broke in two and she died of sorrow. Poor me, I found myself in a state of fear, pain and extreme misery because the two whom I was supposed to be guarding seemed to have dissolved entirely into water and lay before me as if they were dead. I was confronted with my failure and what seemed worst of all was that I would not only be ridiculed but my life would almost certainly be in danger. 

I spent many days thinking carefully about what I could do, and I remembered the story of the Greek princess Medea who brought the hero Jason back to life again. And I thought to myself: if Medea could do this why should I not be able to do this also? I began to think about how I could begin, and I thought that the first step would be to maintain the steady warmth in the room so that the water could dissolve and then I would be able to see the dead bodies of the lovers again. I hoped I could escape from danger and even win praise for my work and so I continued for forty days to warm the room with a constant heat, and I noticed that gradually the water began to disappear and finally I could see the dead bodies, which had become as black as coal. Had the room not been so securely sealed and I had been able to go inside this could have happened sooner. Then I noticed that as the water had begun to evaporate it slowly rose up to the ceiling of the room and when it eventually reached the top it fell down on the couple again just like rain. As no water could actually escape, in front of my very eyes, the bodies of the dead bride and bridegroom began to decay and stink beyond measure. At the same time, I noticed a rainbow appearing in the most beautiful colours caused by the sunshine in this moist environment, which lifted my spirits a little and I still felt happy to see the two lovers again. Joy is always accompanied by 5 pain and I also felt sorrowful when I saw the ones I was supposed to be looking after lying dead before me. 

As they lay in such a strongly fortified place, I had confidence that their souls and spirits could not escape and so I continued to work faithfully creating a constant warmth for them day and night and imagining that their souls and spirits would eventually return into their bodies once the dampness had passed, and I discovered that this was indeed true. 

And I observed that in the evenings, after some time, it was as if the sun drew up all the vapours from this room and that during the night they changed into a lovely and fertile dew which came down again in the morning moistening and washing their dead bodies and making them even more white and beautiful again. And the whiter and more beautiful the bride and bridegroom became, the more their bodies dried out and when all the dampness in the room had disappeared and finally the air was light and clear, firstly the spirit and soul of the bride could no longer remain in the air and they returned into her body and she became utterly transformed and even more beautiful. And instantly she came to life again. 

I felt unbelievably happy especially as when she stood up, I noticed that she was wearing the most exquisite dress that I had ever seen and that she was adorned with a crown made of the most perfect diamonds. 

As she rose up she said: “I have a message to give to all human beings. We are in the hands of the Great Creator and one moment we may be rich and another we can become poor, we can die and we can be reborn. I can testify to this. I was great and I became small and when I felt most humble, I was raised up and made a queen of many realms. I died and now I am reborn. And I have gained great wisdom through these experiences. And I have been given the power to make the poor rich and to offer mercy to the humble and to bring health to the sick. But I am not the same as my beloved brother, the great and mighty King, who soon will also come back to life. When he is reborn, he will be the living proof of everything that I am saying to you. 

And as she spoke the sun shone brightly and the days became warmer and soon it was the hottest time of the year. So, we prepared for the wedding of our new queen and made the most exquisite dresses for her of black velvet, ash coloured damask, grey silk, and silver coloured taffeta and snow-white satin. And the silver one was particularly beautiful and embroidered with priceless pearls and covered with the most perfect glittering diamonds. And with the same amount of care, we prepared garments for the young king. Some were pink in colour with threads of pure gold woven through them and there was one red velvet cloak, which was lavishly adorned with rubies and garnets. But the tailors who actually made these garments were invisible as there was no one else beside the bride and bridegroom who had entered the chamber and I was amazed to see these garments appearing as if out of nowhere. And what was most astonishing was that as soon one coat or dress was ready the other ones disappeared before my very eyes, and I did not know whether they had vanished or whether someone had locked them away. 

Now when the most splendid coats were ready, the bridegroom who had now become a great and mighty King appeared in all his magnificence and there was no one in the world as handsome as he was. And when he realised, he was locked in he asked me in a friendly and courteous way to open the door for him, so that he would be able to go out. And he said he would reward me if I did so. 

And although I had been strictly forbidden to open the chamber, I felt so overwhelmed by his mighty presence that he managed to persuade me, and I opened the door willingly. And he left in such a dignified yet humble manner and emanated such goodwill that I recognised instantly that he had a truly noble heart. And as he had spent all these hottest of days in such great heat, he was very thirsty, weak and tired and he asked me to bring him some of the running water from under the water wheels of the mill. I did this and after he had quenched his great thirst he went back into the room and told me to lock the door securely behind him as he did not want to be disturbed or to be woken up when he was deeply asleep. He rested there for several days and then one day he asked me to open the door. Then I noticed that he had become completely revitalised and that he was even more handsome and self-possessed. At this point he said his health was due entirely to drinking such marvellous and healthy water. And so he ordered more and drank even more than before. 

At the same time, I decided to build the chamber even bigger. And when the king had finished drinking as much as he wanted, he became the most handsome and noble human being that I have ever seen in my entire life. Then he led me into his kingdom and showed me all the treasures and riches of the world. 

And I realised that both he and his queen were prepared to share their wisdom and riches with those who were ready to receive it. And there was an abundance of gold and precious stones made available for the wellbeing of all. Good health was restored, and it became possible to cure all diseases. And finally in this kingdom the greatest joy of all was that the human beings who lived there could rest in the knowledge that a great love existed that embraced them all.

Text edited and spoken by Alexander Barry.

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