Meditative Story: The Temple Legend


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The Temple Legend – A Life-Transforming Tale

The famous psychiatrist C. G. Jung believed that mental and vital energy are created through the conflict of opposites. In Jung's view, the alchemical attempt to transmute base metals into gold and silver (with the help of the philosopher's stone) was actually a psychological process. The symbols used by the alchemists were representative of what he termed the process of individuation: personal growth and full integration and mastership of conflicting functions within our conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.

One must bring the opposites into balance and complete union in order to gain emotional and physical health, and to succeed in the integration of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind after which the one’s true Self emerges.

In alchemy, this union is known as the 'conjunctio', the 'Royal Wedding'. It represents the union of opposites, and, more specifically, the union of Queen (of Sheba) and King (Hiram), 'anima' and 'animus', 'fire' and 'water', our inner male and female aspects. It is the unifying of our higher Self, our human spirit (Hiram) with the purified human soul (Queen of Sheba), but also the unifying of the spirit of nature (Hiram) with the human consciousness (Queen of Sheba). As a result one’s inner and outer life becomes integrated and balanced and one enters into a state of great peace, tranquility, wisdom, love, empowerment, youthfulness and health.

In this process, the lower, unredeemed part of our human nature has to go through destruction (illness, crisis) and metaphysical death and to resurrection (rebirth) as higher Self and purified soul, as we develop new faculties that can serve ourselves, our loved ones, our society and humanity. This process is experienced as purification and empowerment in takes place in the fire of the molten sea. 

The Seal of Solomon, the six pointed star, represents the three kingdoms of nature, mineral, plant and animal within our organisation (upward pointing triangle), penetrated harmonically  by the three higher and spiritual principles of human existence our purified and enlightened thinking (wisdom), our purified and inspired feeling (beauty) and or purified and intuited will (power). In our outside culture, they represent science, art and state building (politics). 

These higher attributes of human nature, are represented in the Golden Triangle, that Hiram receives from his ancestor Cain. And it also receives from him the Hammer, the TAU cross, which is the symbol for the mastery of the forces of life. It's the same symbol that Hiram writes into the air to bring together all craftsman who are involved in the building of the temple, the new community build with free will and love. 

The final work that Hiram completes with the help of the hammer has been initially spoiled by the three traitors, symbolising fear, hatred and doubt. 

The hammer (TAU) gives master over ourselves, over the elements and over life itself. 

The master work, the creation of the brazen sea is the symbolic harmony of the elements of fire (power) and water (wisdom) also symbolised in the two triangles in the hexagram. The fruit of this harmony is the development of freedom and selfless love. 


Listen to this tale with head phones, whilst relaxing, preferably when retiring to bed. Listen to it once daly, for 40 days, and try to re-create the images within your mind. Do not worry of you all asleep, whilst listening. The imagery of his tale with be still absorbed by your higher self and subconscious mind, and will take effect.

The Temple Legend

Solomon raised his mind, just a plant raises itself above the Earth to receive the inspirations of the Sun, to receive all the wondrous measurements and proportions of points lines planes and angles, of what would become the great Temple, the Temple his Father had not time to build. He opened his heart until it was ready to make real on Earth, the ideal conceived in the heights, so that it might be deeply founded on the Earth. To make the ideal a reality, he would need the help of a Master builder and mason, supremely skilled also in metallurgy, carpentry and glasswork; an artisan who developed to as perfect as humanly possible, all the crafts and arts, that had been handed on from his ancestors, to reach in him the most complete expression. This was Hiram Abif. 

On the other side King Solomon could be seen as one who had ascended the peaks of wisdom, from where he could survey all the wonders of the Word in the World, and the Worlds in the Word, a poet, peacemaker and philosopher King. These two working together were as the uniting of two streams, that in ancient times had diverged from a single source, and ever since run parallel to each other, but now could be reconciled in a single project, as two dreams that sought to wake to one reality, the Temple. 

At their fist meeting Solomon spoke saying. “ Hiram, I know you are the only one capable of realizing, in outer form the vision I have received. Hiram answered.         ”I feel honoured, and shall aim to prove, that your choosing me was a wise choice.  I feel my destiny and all I have learnt, has led to this task, the temple will be the realization and fulfilment and triumphant climax of all that my hands can shape. 

So `Hiram with teams of workers, set about building. And Solomon, while this was going on, continued as a light of wisdom to his subjects, dispensing wise judgements, in all the affairs of state, his thoughts and words bringing healing and harmony amidst all the problems of his peoples daily lives. 

As the Temple neared completion, news of its construction, and the great Wisdom of Solomon, that had made it possible, had spread far and wide, beyond his Kingdom, and reached the attention of the Queen of Sheba the legendary ruler of a country, south of Egypt on the Nile. So moved was the Queen, by tales of Solomon’s wisdom and the great Temple, that she decided to take the long journey, so that she may question him and hear his answers, and look upon the marvel of the Temple. 

After a long and arduous journey, her great caravan, consisting of many servants, camels, horses and mules laden with gifts of gems, rare fabrics, embroidered silks and aromatic spices, arrived in Solomon’s kingdom. 

He had been informed of her coming and prepared a welcoming ceremony and a festivity that spared no expense. Upon first seeing her, he exclaimed: ”Your beauty surpasses all the descriptions I have heard. In the next days, she spent most of her time with Solomon, walking in the palace gardens, listening to his words as he answered her many questions. She said to him. “In your words, it is as if I hear super earthly music, that lifts my mind into harmonies of boundless wonder. Solomon felt as if he was falling as Sunlight falls upon a beautiful flower it seeks to open. As a Sun that wants to pour all its light into this one flower, and bathe in her colours and perfumes, forgetting that he must also shine for all his people equally. On impulse he said.” Marry me, together we can do so much more, be so much more, than we can apart; between your beauty and my truth, through our love, we can bring to birth, a greater goodness, than will ever walk upon the Earth. The Queen of Sheba knew there was truth in what he said, and replied. “ Yes I will become your wife, and pledge myself to you with this ring. 

So for the moment all was well with the World. Then the Queen asked Solomon if she could see the Temple. Solomon proud of his achievement, agreed, and the Queen was taken to it, as the finishing touches were being applied to it. She was filled with wonder, at the astonishing artistry and marvelled at the skill and industry that had gone into it. The outside awakened the beholder to the mysteries of the inner Being, and on going inside, all the forms, arches, columns and vaults, led the eye to a sense of infinite space, which spoke of that which was beyond time. She turned to Solomon and said: “I would love to meet the one whose hands and work, fashioned all these Earthly elements into such a Heavenly structure.” 

It was like the beginning of an eclipse, a shadow crossed the light of Solomon’s mind, he could not really explain it, but he did not want her to meet Hiram. He resisted her request, but eventually relented. Solomon had fallen in love, into love from his high place of wisdom, now he was falling a second time, into the pit of possessiveness and jealousy, forgetting, one can be possessed by love, but not possess the one, one loves, but rather set them free. 

The Queen of Sheba met Hiram, he looked up from his work, looked at her face, then he looked into her eyes, and the light of his eyes illuminated something in her heart, like a treasure hidden deep in the Earth. Solomon had lifted her mind, with his words, into wide vistas of seeing; Hiram stirred her depths, with the look of an artist seeing her inner beauty, that lived within the Temple of her outer form. Under Hiram’s gaze the Queen felt all the elements of her Being melting in the flame that was beginning to glow in the fire that was being kindled in her heart; not just a flower opening to light, but a root that was grounding itself in all the mysteries of Mother Earth, growing out of it as a daughter of the elements, to combine as the purest expression of the primal enigma of woman. 

For a moment she could not speak; then she said to Solomon, as if to deflect the awareness of what was irresistibly growing inside her. “ Can I meet all the Workers, who helped to build the Temple. Solomon who now felt her slipping away from him, said. “There are too many of them, it would not be possible to gather them all from their tasks so quickly. I think we should return to the gardens." 

At this Hiram leapt upon a stone, to be better seen, and with his right hand described in the air the symbolical Tau, and immediately men hastened from all parts of the work, into the presence of their Master; this impressed the Queen more deeply, and she began to regret her promise of marriage to the King, as she now felt a love for Hiram, to come from the very centre of the World.

Solomon now felt himself in a darkness and sensed another darkness in himself . All his lofty wisdom now seemed empty and vain, if they could not hold the love of this woman; what did Hiram have, that he did not, he was a great King, renowned for his inspired wisdom, for all his riches and his famous gardens. 

Now Solomon the wise, began to fall from the heights, into that which was base and unwise; he plotted to destroy Hiram and the love growing between him and the Queen. How could he discredit him? He heard that there were three of Hiram’s workers, who bore a grudge against him, as he had refused to confer upon them the status of Master craftsmen, as he had claimed they had neither the knowledge, nor did they apply themselves enough to the work, to earn the status of Master. One was a Syrian mason, another a Phoenician carpenter and a third a Hebrew miner. This triangle of darkness, now formed with Solomon a conspiracy a confederacy of jealousy; and Solomon who had conceived the Temple of Wisdom, in the service of Love, was now engaged in that which would bring about the destruction of Truth, and destruction of that which would bring about the creation of love. 

The three craftsmen now became three crafty cunning agents, of those invisible powers that would always oppose everything for which the Temple was built. One said: “I always thought I deserved to be a Master, I will make him think again, about denying me." Another said: “I feel deeply slighted, may he know the feeling of humiliation I felt." And the third said: “He has done us a great wrong, and it is right that we should do unto him, what he did to us.” 

Now that which was to be the crowning achievement of Hiram’s work, was the Molten Sea cast in bronze, which was to have adorned the Temple. All the necessary mixtures of ores had been prepared in a most wonderful manner. The Molten Sea was to mirror the Molten Sea of love that was rising in the heart of the Queen from all the disparate elements of her Being. 

However the conspiring workers, adulterated the metals of the casting, and added substances that would cause a catastrophic failure; just as distrust and jealousy can cause all relationships to end in failure and disaster. For the Molten Sea was to be an expression of a new union and cooperation of hitherto separated elements, to bring about a never to be experienced before harmony between the inestimable heights and the unfathomable depths of the World. 

A young workman discovered the plot to sabotage Hiram’s work, and he revealed it to Solomon, thinking that Solomon would take action against the plotters, but Solomon did nothing to prevent it, as his secret jealousy wished to destroy Hiram. 

The day of the casting arrived and the Queen of Sheba was present. At the critical moment the whole casting failed, a crack as of thunder rent the air, as if the underworld was to erupt and overflow all nature. It was just as the plotters had hoped, yet they also feared what the darkness within them had invoked in outer Nature The doors that had restrained all the molten metal were forced open, and torrents of liquid fire poured into the vast mould, where the Brazen Sea was to assume its form; but the burning mass, overflowed the edges of the mould, endangering all who had come to view the casting; they fled from the advancing river of fire. Calmly and coolly Hiram tried to arrest the lava like flow, dousing it with copious amounts of water; the water and the fire mixed in a primal elemental battle, the water rose as a dense steam and fell as a boiling rain, spreading panic among the crowd. Feeling shamed by this catastrophe. Hiram sought in a friend the sympathy of a faithful heart, but Benoni who had informed Solomon of the plot, had died trying to avert the catastrophe. 

Hiram withdrew oppressed with grief. He had heeded not the danger and possibility that this ocean of fire might have speedily engulfed him. He thought of the Queen of Sheba who had come to admire and congratulate him on his great triumph, and who had seen nothing but a terrible disaster. 

Suddenly in his loneliness he heard a strange voice, coming somewhere from above his highest aspirations and at the same time proceeding from a depths deeper than his most profound knowledge. 

It cried: "Hiram! Hiram!" He looked up and beheld a gigantic figure, the apparition continued. "Come my son be without fear, the fire will not harm you, cast yourself into the flames.” Hiram threw himself into the fires; and where others would have found death, he tasted ineffable delights, nor could he withdraw from this state, as he felt drawn by an irresistible force, and he asked who was leading him on this strange journey and where was he being taken? The voice answered: “ Into the centre of the Earth, where the will of the World is forged, so that which is heaviest may scale the heights of the boundless expanses of light, where all that is base, may be led from infinite weight to Eternal light into the kingdom of great Cain, where the future of human freedom is wrought from the bondage of the fallen elements. There can be tasted the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge.“ "Who then am I and who are you." "I am the father of your fathers, I am the son of Lamech, I am Tubal Cain.“ 

Tubal Cain introduced Hiram into the sanctuary of fire, and initiated him into the mysteries of the original and final fires , that will consummate all Creation and the secrets of bronze casting. Hiram was led into the presence of the author of his race, Cain. Cain taught Hiram about the suffering he and his descendants had to bear, though that suffering was the furnace that had tempered their unconquerable will. He blessed Hiram. “ Go my son, the fires of living thought and burning will are with you."

Hiram was brought back to the surface of the Earth, and passing time, out of place of Eternal Truth. Tubal Cain gave Hiram before he departed, the Hammer with which he had done great things and a Golden Triangle, which he was able to carry with him as a pendant around his neck. Tubal Cain said to Hiram: “Thanks to this Hammer, and the help of the fires that live, you will speedily accomplish the work left unfinished through man’s stupidity and ill will.“ 

Hiram did not hesitate to test the wonderful power of the precious instrument that could set a heartbeat ringing out through all the metals of the World. And the golden dawn saw the mass of bronze cast. The artist felt a golden light rise from his heart into his mind, and the Queen exalted in the light that shone from his eyes. The people came running, and their astonishment overflowed at the secret power that had been revealed, which in one night had repaired everything. 

Then the Queen accompanied by her maids, journeyed out of Jerusalem, and there she encountered Hiram, alone and cast in deep thought. The encounter was decisive; they confessed their love for each other. And then Had Had, that was the messenger of the fire beings for the Queen, seeing Hiram make the sign of the Tau in the air, flew around his head and settled on his wrist. At this Sarahil, nurse of the Queen exclaimed.” The oracle is fulfilled, Had Had recognizes the husband, which the fiery messengers destined for the Queen, whose love alone she dare accept. They hesitated no longer, but mutually pledged their vows, and deliberated how the Queen could retract the vows she had made to the King. Hiram was to be the first to quit Jerusalem; the impatient to rejoin him, was to elude the vigilance of the King, which she accomplished by withdrawing the ring, wherewith she had plighted her troth to him, while he was overcome with wine.

Later Solomon hinted to the three craftsmen, whom Hiram had denied the degree of Master to, that the removal of his rival, for the hand of the Queen, was quite acceptable to him. So when the Architect came into he Temple, they assailed him. 

Before his death however, he had time to throw the Golden Triangle, which he wore around his neck, and on which was engraved the Word of the Master, into a deep well. At last Hiram was found, and was able to utter a few final words, he said. “Tubal Cain promised me that I shall have a son, who will be father of many descendants, who will people the Earth, and bring my work the building of the Temple to completion." 

Then he pointed to the place, where the Golden Triangle was to be found. This was then collected and brought with the Hammer to the Molten Sea, and both were preserved together, in the Holy of Holies. The king caused it to be placed on a triangular altar erected in a secret vault, built beneath the remotest part of the Temple, the Triangle was further concealed by a cubical stone, on which had been inscribed the Sacred Law: ‘Only those who can understand the meaning of the legend of the Temple of Solomon and its Master Builder Hiram, can discover the Golden Triangle, the Hammer and the Molten Sea.’

"The Golden Triangle, 3 fold 3, binds us in and sets us free. Will, feeling and thought, 3 in 1, as 1 are brought. Goodness, beauty and truth; religion flowing into science forms with art its great alliance. Three are joined, line by line, the secrets of the number 9. Where there is a will, there is a way. And where there is a way, there has always been a will that made it possible." 

Text edited and spoken by Alexander Barry.

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